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“To put it simply, the child enjoys himself”. Our customer questionnaire in the end of our spring season revealed some lovely things. We have succeeded in many things although there is always room for improvement. We are grateful to be able to make music with children and that the adults will get their fair share of the fun. In this blog you find out what our customers really think of the Funky Monkey Club music classes.

The spring season came and went. The kids music groups were rolling in Jätkäsaari, Lauttasaari and Kulosaari. I am now going through some of the feedback we got through the customer satisfaction survey that we executed in May. We wanted to know how our new kind of music class for kids has been received by the children and their parents. Naturally we witnessed some direct feedback from the kids at every class but now it was time to hear from the parents and learn about their candid thoughts in writing. Surely we got constructive feedback on what we could do better but mostly people were pleased about many things.  This was very encouraging for us as it is our first year in.

Would you recommend the music class to others? – Yes, very likely. Why? – The music class is much anticipated every week.

Real Instruments, Bubbles, and Free Movement

Many parents mentioned the real music instruments being the best part of the class. Even though during the band jamming we use some instrument toys (although there are some authentic percussion and shakers and an ukulele too) the kids get to try out the real electric guitar, the keyboard and the drum machine.  Sometimes we even bring special instruments to the class like the Indian sitar. The coherent structure and the theme variation got also praise. The soap bubbles and the scarves were mentioned the most as fun props in the classroom, and the possibility for the free movement was also appreciated.


Fun for Kids and Adults Alike

One of our most important goals has been the fact that all the participants, the kids and their parents, get their own share of the music and the activities. We believe that the adults’ enjoyment enforces the child’s enjoyment. Based on our survey I can detest that we have succeeded in this task. Many parents have enjoyed the rocking, catchy songs and some even enjoy singing along – this is a very good sign 🙂


Excerpts from the Questionnaire

Here are a few comments found in the questionnaires:

“Good boogie in general”

“We like the fact that one gets to perform and try out instruments”

“Paula & Ape are very approachable and are able to get kids participate”

“After the initial shyness all the children feel welcomed”

“We knew very little about music classes but this was a delightful surprise”

“To put it simply, the child enjoys himself”


Heading Towards the Fall

Many parents reported they will recommend the music class to others and will most likely sign up to the class again. With gratitude we now take a little summer break and will continue in the fall rested and boosted with excitement. We promise more catchy songs, fun activities, goofing around and the good boogie. Also in English!

Enjoy the summer season and hope to see you soon!


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