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Fall 2023 Schedule

Welcome to Funky Monkey Club which is a rocking music program for babies, toddlers and children up to 5 years old.  Currently we don’t have any music groups in English.  Check back for updates on opening classes or  ask us at


Did you know that children who are exposed to music and language training show measurable improvements in other cognitive skills? Above all, researchers believe that early music exposure increases the size and power of a child’s brain!

In Funky Monkey Club music classes the children from 3 months to 7 years old dive into a vibrant music bath. Free movement, dance, and fun play through music are being encouraged in this course. The child-friendly, rhythmic pop and rock music, composed solely to this music class, becomes familiar as the weeks go by. It creates a solid framework to the class routines.

The hit songs of all times and a wide range of music genres are also being introduced therefore this music experience is entertaining for the adults as well. And we haven’t forgotten about the classic children songs either!

This concept strengthens the child’s self-confidence allowing free self-expression. The music class advances the language development, hearing memory and the learning abilities. At the same time it encourages children to participate in the class activities based on their own comfort level and invites them to perform and interact with their parents and other kids in the classroom.

Funky Monkey Club’s kids music classes in English work well for both Finnish speaking children who are having their first connection with a foreign language, as well as for the English speaking children who get their mother tongue enforced, through music and play.


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Paula Anttila, singer, musician, and one of the founders of Funky Monkey Club, lived in New York City for 16 years. The last five years there she worked at a popular kids music program. The new music class concept draws inspiration from Paula’s NYC experience. The other FMC founder, Ape Anttila, is one of the top professional musicians in Finland. He is also the head teacher of the youth jazz program in Sibelius Academy. Ape and Paula have composed catchy children’s pop/rock songs that create an inspiring framework to the music class. Paula leads the classes in Kulosaari. Ape joins her with a guitar in online music classes.


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