Muskari in English gets five stars! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
At Funky Monkey Club’s music class the children and the adults get to play various instruments, dance, and grab a microphone to sing if they so will. The 45-minute music moment is, above all, full of joy and inspiration. A big plus to the fact that they sing and play pop classics, not just kids songs. It’s been lovely to find a hobby that all the family members can enjoy.

Jenni Niemi


“I can warmly recommend this kids music class led by Paula & Ape. The concept is functional and every time there is a nice combination of familiar and new elements. Introduction to music genres is a great idea and makes the class interesting for an adult as well. The class is never boring; the child jumps with joy and likes it very much. I’d like to give a special mention about the Cleaning Song – it motivates the child to clean up toys at home too.”

Erika Nieminen, mother to a 2-year-old


Paula and Ape know what they are doing; they are professional and musical at heart. Paula has a wonderful contact to children.

Aki Mäkinen


“Thank you Paula and Ape! Music train took us in. There was singing, rhythm, playing, instruments, animals, scarves, bubbles and we could even be close to the microphone. We could be there as our own selves, sometimes that meant that we could just be part of it by observing the activities. Grannie got wild with 1- and 3-year-old kids and the cleaning song is awesome.”

Hilkka-Mari Lehto


“This is our warm recommendation to the rocking music program! The music class day is our 2-year-old daughter’s highlight of the week, hands down. Functional methods, inspiring songs and the instructors’ child-friendly approach make a wonderful combination that our daughter talks about daily at home and at kindergarten. It is always fun to call the grand-parents after the class and show how one sings to the microphone. She hopes that Santa Claus will bring her instruments and she likes to clean up while the Cleaning Song plays and one favorite thing of hers is to be a music instructor. As a parent it is lovely to watch the children’s enamored faces during the class and get to know to music genres together. I notice how much the music class has expedited our daughter’s speech development as the weekly phrases from the songs sneak into our child’s chatting at home. The warm approach by Paula and Ape has encouraged our daughter to enjoy performing and getting to know the world of music. Our family will keep rockíng out in the class in the future! ”

Lotta Tuominen


“We really enjoyed our time at Funky Monkey Club muskari, especially the karaoke session. Anneli participated in that with a lot of enthusiasm, despite usually being quite shy. The fact that the songs played were very diverse and well performed, rather than the usual kid’s fare, was also great!”

Yulia & Anneli 3y/o


“New, fun and compelling music class that gets both the child and the adult to move. Nice selection of various music genres open the wide music world to the child.”

Sanni Leivo


“Paula promised to bring something new to the music program, like pop, jazz, rock etc. and she kept her promise. In these music classes one gets to jam in a whole new level compared to “normal” classes. There are legendary music favorites for adults and the ambience is sky high every time. But without forgetting the repetition and the theme based children songs that are so important for the kids. Paula brought a piece of NY with her to the music class and the one who is a music lover and looking for something special won’t be let down. There are rare things there that I haven’t found anywhere else, for example in every class the child can get to know to the microphone and talk to it. Talking to the mic makes us adults nervous as well. For 10 years I have tried music classes for kids and I haven’t seen a duo like this ever – they treat kids naturally and with feeling, always smiling. I can see that it’s a profession chosen from the heart. As Paula said in the very beginning: “the idea is to sing the catchy Cleaning Song so that we end up singing it in the shower”. Now almost every day when I clean up and arrange things at home I hum the Cleaning Song and my son recognizes it and starts collecting toys and clothes with me or dances to it. This has become our “own thing”. I can warmly recommend this music class to all the music lovers and if you are still not sure about this hobby then after these classes you certainly are. Me and my son, we are totally sold and will continue in the group!”

Anna-Kaisa and Yoda Mikael 1y/o


“The best thing is Paula’s microphone singing”

Elle, 3 y/o


“The music class has been very versatile. Music themes change weekly. Still every week there are the same songs that the child clearly recognizes. The kid can participate and play. I recommend this class!”

mother to a 1-year-old


“A fun hobby for the whole family. There is a good team spirit and it is great to see how kids are getting to know each other. The children are being noticed equally as individuals and as a group. The interaction between the instructors and the children is inspirational and encouraging. The content of the class is very functional. It is nice that they have certain same routines and songs but always some new variations based on the theme.  It has been a pleasure to watch our daughter develop musically and rhythmically.  We listen to the familiar songs and jam a lot at home.”

Veera Hakanpää, Aleksi Rautauoma and Hilla 11mos


“The class led by Paula and Ape is special because
– It’s rocking from the beginning to the end
– It supports the children’s own reactions (there is no one way to be in the classroom and not too much disciplinary control)
– We got songs by email which were fun to listen to at home. They helped to adjust to the class in the beginning.
– Cleaning Song has made cleaning at home a fun activity too!
– So cool that the kids are being introduced to the microphone from very early on. This would do good on the adults as well.”

Aino Virolainen & Saimi 2 y/o.


“These classes are wonderful and compelling that both the kids and the adults enjoy. The instructor is authentically present with the kids. There is a very versatile set of play that the kids can actively participate in. There are good vibes and the band rehearsals led by several musicians.”

Maria Pulkkinen, mother to a 1-year-old


“This music class is a fresh alternative in the sky of music classes for kids! Paula’s performance is present, lively and versatile that takes one on to the ride for 45 minutes. In addition to learning songs the kids get to know about intruments and get a selection of different visual and action-based experiences. The adults have fun too when there are familiar hit songs from different music genres and decades.”

Aino Elina Muhonen and Ariel 1y/o.


“I participated the music class of Paula and Ape with my 1,5-year-old son. We have been very pleased. The action-packed activities and the catchy songs have made sure that the toddler has been able to concentrate to the music making for the class duration. Paula and Ape combine today’s hits and familiar kids songs so that the adults have fun too.  The children can play with real instruments and try out singing to the microphone. The songs sent home by email will keep the music class in mind later on as well. I recommend this class warmly!”

Maria Laitala and Vilho 1y/o


“The songs and the play activities work well with special ed students. Our students enjoyed listening, dancing and playing with music that was full of life and rhythm. Every student was being noticed in a manner that was fitting for them and everyone was able to participate together with the rest. The students had fun playing and dancing with Paula and Ape. We recommend this good mood music class to everyone!”

Special Ed teachers Arja, Helene and Eija from Espoo